At Events Hire, We like to plan ahead and want to share with you our top 10 tips for planning a great event!

Tip One: Book Early

It may sound obvious, but the more you have an image in your mind about the who, what and whens, the easier it is to get started. With venues, catering staff, performers and equipment regularly booked-up in a vibrant events market. The old adage, time is of the essence rings true. With over 22,000 marriages & civil partnerships registered in Ireland in 2015, you can imagine there’s a high demand for venues, hen parties, musicians etc. The moral of the story is plan very early, have your party sizes, budget, dates, services that your thinking about ready as early as you can.

Tip Two: Venue Research

No event planning list would be complete without choosing a venue that works for you. Increasingly, over 15% in fact, wedding ceremonies are moving away from hotels toward private venues or marquee style venues. In part, enabled by relaxed HSE rules on where couples can marry but also as a result of a desire to find more quirky and interesting venues then a typical hotel function room. Benefits in looking beyond the hotel approach also feature greater choice in decor, lighting and chairs. Essentially, with little more effort, you can have alot more style. So, research the venue option, you’ll be surprised at what you can find!

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