Events Hire Terms and Conditions

Last updated on 1st November 2018

Events Hire aims to provide the best service to our customers and asks in return that you abide by our terms and conditions. The following sections outline the terms under which we provide services when you engage with us.

Equipment Hire Terms

  • You agree to pay a non-refundable deposit which maybe stated verbally or in writing on our website at the time of booking.
  • Events Hire has a 72 hour cancellation period. Full payment of booking is due if the booking is not cancelled within this time.
  • You agree to use equipment hired by us within the context of “reasonable use” under normal operating conditions.
  • We have the right to seek a “replacement fee” for items which have been damaged through misuse, loss or theft from the event venue where used. This replacement fee will include the cost of the item plus shipping from our supplier.
  • We have the right to request additional rental fees for non-return of equipment within the agreed rental period.
  • The customer or agreed delegate party shall facilitate access to the premises for drop-off and pickup of equipment. Access for Events Hire staff to pickup equipment which is not facilitated in a timely manner may lead to additional rental charges.
  • The terms of equipment hire are not transferable without prior consent of Events Hire.
  • Events Hire has the right to refuse hire of equipment with good cause.
  • We assume no liability for injury caused by misuse of our equipment.
  • In the unlikely event of being unable to deliver our services to you on the day, for example “A vehicle breakdown”, “Family Emergency”; you will be entitled to a full refund of your booking.

Information Security

Your data is of upmost importance to us as we make every endeavour to store and use your data in line with our data privacy policy. Please refer to our privacy policy page for information on how we use and store your information and your rights.